The Art of War with Boise Paintball

Everyone has heard of paintball and the way the game is played. Indeed, backyard soldiers everywhere took to this game to get exercise and to feel the excitement of hunting down the enemy. Paint ball did decline a little in popularity a few years back, but these days it is making a come back. It may be that the current skirmishes going on in other countries is what is making people more into the game, but whatever it is, it is surely the fun aspect that keeps people coming back for more.You can Try this out on Boise paintball Site

The guns and gear that are available for this game have become even more realistic of late too. Pistols, rifles and sniper guns all transpire to keep the game hot and exciting. Even hand grenades have been brought into the mix so people can really get the feel of going to ‘war’. Of course, each will be loaded with the appropriate colored liquids so that kills can be counted, but it is the actual feel of the equipment that gets people into these war games in a big way.

Clothing which protects the player is a distinct necessity but there are some great flack jackets available now which has multiple pockets to store all the necessary paraphernalia. Helmets and goggles are normally provided on site but this does not mean that the player cannot take his own equipment along as long as they are of good quality. Check out the rules of the site before wearing them as this may nullify any insurance offered.

One brilliant and realistic innovation new being offered is the RAP4 pressure activated landmine. This little container is only one inch high by four inches wide and weighs just one pound. Within it is a rechargeable CO2 reservoir, much like the gas guns that other gamers use, and the explosion set off when someone steps on it will either emit smoke simulation powder or liquid. This is a great way to add realism to the ‘battle field’ and those who have used it in the past are all praise indeed.

This kind of contraption was actually developed for battlefield simulations for the real forces so it is clear how effective and realistic it looks when used in a game. Although it looks a little expensive at around sixty dollars each, it is reusable with the powder or liquid just costing a few pennies every time it is used. Therefore, once the initial outlay is done, it is cheap to run thereafter. Do not forget that a gas or grenade charger is needed to power the mine and this should not be done greater than 600psi.The liquid used in these games used to come in all kinds of grades. Not only would the player get confused, the company would have to store a vast array of different kinds of liquid so that the players would have what they needed right on site. However, nowadays there are those companies which mix all the different fluids together so that one type will suit all guns.